amateur radio DM3VL

activities shortwave

Vertical Antenna 30/40/80/160m:    Inverted-L for 80/160m with Coupled-Resonators for 30m and 40m

I added two wires to my 80/160m-Inverted-L. One Lambda/4 for 30m and one Lambda/4 for 40m. 

The middle wire (Inverted-L) is fed by a match-box. The quarter wave wires left and right are grounded at the bottom end. Spreaders with 3 holes keep the wires at a distance of 55mm.

The 4-Band-Antenna I match to 50 Ohm by an Antenna-Tuner inside the gray box at the feed point of the antenna:

The Antenna-Tuner contains 5 coils and 3 capacitors switched by 10 relays

Power supply and Remote Control for Antenna-Tuner is next to the transceiver in the shack