amateur radio DM3VL

activities on VHF/UHF

In 2020, February I installed a 90cm-SAT-dish for RX, a 16 turns Helical antenna for TX at the wall of the house and started my first QSO on QO-100:

In Mai 2020 I made a new Helix antenna. The base plate is 100mm x 100mm with a hole of 40mm. The wire of the Helix has a diameter of 3,5mm. The connector is N female.


Return loss at 2400,2 MHz is -26,6 dB


 I mounted the Helix antenna in front of the LNB. A small plastic bucket with a lid protects the Helix antenna from rain and snow.

DM3VL/p on 850m above the sea level in JO60WR at the Winter Fieldday on February 3rd in 2008:

DM3VL/p on the mountain "Pfaffenstein" at the "Bergwettbewerb" in 2007:

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