amateur radio DM3VL

Pictures from 1963 to 1986

in 1963 my first steps as SWL on 40m in mode AM by broadcast-RX

my first QSL-Card for SWL-report in mode CW by my parents broadcast-RX

Tonda, OK1AHB drew a cartoon on the backsite of QSL

in 1964 I passed the CW-Test and got my SWL-Call DM-2201/L

my SWL-Card from 1964

my RX SH6 in 1965

me as DM4YQL in 1965

in 1970 I made my first 80m-Transceiver as DM2ENL

in 1975 I made a 5-Band-Transceiver and used it up to 1991

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